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    Team Topologies: My Reading Journey

    I love the book “Team Topologies”. It’s one of those annoying books that’s so full of good stuff that if you highlight what’s worth remembering, you end up highlighting the entire book (and then you think to yourself: “well, that was useless”.

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    When to Rewrite

    One of the hard questions of an engineering manager is how to deal with technical debt, especially of the crippling variety.

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    The Three Ways and Conway's Law

    First, a quick refresher about those terms I used. Hang on, what ways? If you’ve read some DevOps literature, you’ve certainly come across Gene Kim’s Three Ways, his core principles underlying the DevOps approach.

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    The people you hire are your architecture

    If you’re starting a new company, or a new team, something critical will happen: the people you hire, their skills and interests, will define how they work together… and that will invariably shape your architecture.

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    Dunbar's number in remote teams

    Excuse me, what number again? Maybe you’ve heard of Dunbar’s number. It’s the maximum number of people you can have a stable social relationship with: the kind where you know the other person, at least somewhat.

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    DevOps in Aerospace

    DevOps in Aerospace DevOps is for software companies. You’re an aerospace company. …are you sure you’re not a software company?

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