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    We're living in the 1950s idea of 2020

    • Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020

    As I was on a video call today, it dawned on me that we’re stuck in the past’s idea of the future.

    If you look at futuristic article in a 1950s magazine, it had all the usual trappings: atomic flying cars, smooth bucket seats in living rooms – and video telephone booths.

    You know, with a regular handset, and a screen, where you could call your aunt to wish her a happy birthday.

    Now that all of my trainings have turned virtual (as they call it) thanks to COVID, I find myself trapped in this 1950s view of the future, stuck in a video telephone booth all day to try and create insights in people who are very far away both geographically and metaphorically.

    Nobody reading this will probably be surprised if I tell you that this is very difficult, and quite inferior to my usual in-person style of pacing around the room, creating presence and a sense of community which drives insightful conversations.

    But this doesn’t just apply to trainings, but to every aspect of communication – and to my mind, engineering is principally an act of communication.

    (Photo by chepté cormani from Pexels)