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The rest of this site is entirely about you, dear reader. This page is about me.

Hello! I’m Luca Ingianni

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Hello! I’m Luca Ingianni, and I want to make your life better.

A Dream: smooth, efficient, fun product development

Imagine if you built projects quickly, frictionlessly, with great quality, and anticipating you customers’ needs. Engineers would be proud of their work, managers are relaxed knowing they can trust the team they are a part of, and everybody gets to go home while it’s still light out.

You can be that person, that team. We both know it. The only question is: how to get there?

Let me help you get there

Whoever you are: a developer, a scrum master, a manager, a CEO: I’m going to help you and your team.

But… I’m not a slick consultant type who has all the answers. I’m not going to tell you what to do: I can’t – all teams are different. We’ll understand your situation, together, and find a way forward.

What drives me is to see people learn, understand, succeed – in one word: grow. And I can’t grow you, you can only grow yourself. But I’ll provide all you need to grow.

I’ve been where you are now

I’ve been a contractor in the embedded industry for a decade. I started out like many of us, as a hired hand, augmenting staff on bigger projects. Testing, specifying, coding – I’ve done it all.

The great thing about that is: I’ve seen the entire development process in many projects. I’ve seen many teams. I’ve seen how the sausage gets made.

And I can’t leave it like it is.

We’ll grow your future, together

Modern methods are often presented in a Web context. But what do they mean for embedded? What works, and how? How does it all translate to IoT? I often talk to seasoned engineers who feel confused, or even overwhelmed, by the plethora of tools and techniques being tossed around on HackerNews.

I’ll help you make sense of the new landscape of techniques and tools. How to gradually, iteratively improve your way of working. How to determine what works, and what doesn’t.

We’ll use an engineer’s approach: keep an open mind, be pragmatic, try to be driven by facts and data, not assumptions and magic.

Take the first step right now

If you’re ready to give your development practice a new dirction, contact me. Let’s figure out together how you can improve your products - and your life.

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