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I’m so glad you are here.

First off: if there’s anything you’d like to talk to me about, just book a 15-minute Zoom call, or use the email link at the bottom. I love hearing from new people!

But Luca, what do you even do?

I’ve made it my mission to help development teams to get better at achieving their final goal: creating great products, and getting them into the hands of their customers quickly – all without stress, death marches, and all the other things that we’ve too long accepted as “the way things have to be”.

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Shouldn’t professional engineers know how to do that already?

Have you noticed how hard it is to create software or software-based products (such as, uh, pretty much any moderately complex device these days)?

Have you noticed how it rarely seems to be about how hard it is to write the software, but rather everything around the programming effort? Figuring out your customer, your system architecture, ensuring quality, making sure you’re shipping a great product?

Even more so if your product isn’t purely software: if it’s an actual physical creation, an embedded system, an IoT device. Congratulations, the complexity of your development effort just increased by an order of magnitude or two!

Improving is hard – but you can do it

If you’re struggling to create the right thing, and get it shipped on time, you’re not alone. I’m acquainted with a company that’s now five years late delivering their new product. And they’re nowhere near completion yet. I daren’t calculate the cost of this delay, but it’s surely in the tens of millions by now!

If you feel that software development is somehow harder than it ought to be, that you’re struggling unnecessarily, that there must be a better way: you’re not alone. Almost every experienced engineer I’ve spoken to feels this way, and is looking for ways to be better at creating products their customers love.

I love helping people grow

I’d love to help you. Shoot me an email right now, or book a 15-minute Zoom call, and we’ll talk about how I could make your work smoother, faster, better, less stressful – and more fun! Don’t hesitate, talk to me right now. I don’t bite, I promise.

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