ReqView consulting and customisation

In addition to generic requirements management consulting I offer support for customers wishing to enter into professional, rigorous requirements engineering using the excellent tool ReqView.

ReqView is a modernised take on Telelogic/IBM DOORS, which is a staple of professional requirements management – but unfortunately, DOORS is clunky and expensive. ReqView aims to be neither, giving users the most valuable features of DOORS without all the baggage.

Whether you need guidance in how to set up and use ReqView effectively, or custom modifications or helper programs, I’d love to help ensure that your tool rollout becomes a resounding success.

Here are some ways in which I could support you as you work with ReqView:

  • help you find out if ReqView is right for you
  • help you decide how it could best be used to make your product development faster and more error-free
  • help you understand how to work with its data, and integrate it into your company’s processes
  • help you learn how to use ReqView to support product qualification, e.g. for functional safety according to ISO26262, DO-178B or IEC 61508
  • teach your engineers, domain experts, and testers how to use it effectively, both in the context of their single document, and of an entire development workflow

If you feel I could be of service to you, don’t hesitate to contact me!

As with all of my services, before we embark on a project together we’ll conduct a [Roadmapping session to get a clear understanding of your needs and goals and find out if we are a good fit.

I also provide non-tool-specific requirements management consulting.

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