What is Roadmapping?

Are you embarking on a new project? Entering a new business area? Changing how your team operates?

Would you like some guidance on how to accomplish your goals efficiently, and try to avoid the yet invisible obstacles sure to lay in your path?

The fastest, most effective way to get going in the right direction is a roadmapping workshop.

Roadmapping is a comprehensive dive into your business, the domain you work in, the problems you face, and the risks and challenges that you might face along the way. It will leave you with a clear understanding of how you can tackle this project as quickly, economically, and reliably as possible.

It is intended to give more clarity about requirements against the product, roles within the team, and goals for both you and your team.

How it works

This is a three-step process with increasing intensity.

First, you’ll fill out a brief survey answering most common questions (you can take it right now, if you like).

Once I’ve had a look at it, we’ll have an initial 20 minute call to clear up any questions that may have arisen. We may agree on you preparing some material so we have the best possible shot at an effective roadmapping session.

A few days later, we’ll do the actual roadmapping session. I’ll ask you to block off half a day for it, so we have enough time to dig deep.

I’ll guide you through the session, making sure we touch on all crucial points.

What you’ll get out of it

You’ll benefit from the perspective of an experienced outside advisor, and gain insights into your business, project and team.

You’ll have immediately actionable results. Proposed strategies to reach your goals, attack your project, guard against risks.

I’ll condense our findings in a document which summarises and extends on the issues we discussed. Depending on your needs, it might include advice, timelines, examples of things we discussed. Whatever halps you move your business forward.

You can use this document for yourself, or you might use it to start collaborating with other partners.

Get started right now

If you’re interested, why not fill out the survey form immediately, and we’ll get a conversation going – no strings attached.

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