Systems Engineering

You have smart people on your team. Electrical engineers, software engineers, UX people, the works. They do a fantastic job.

…but who understands how all of this fantastic work they do fits together to form the product and fulfil its expected functions?

Is there somebody on your team who sees, understands, is in charge of the entire chain of subsystems, mechanical, electrical, software and UX, required to perform a particular function?

If your team is like most I’ve encountered, chances are there is no such person. Responsibilities have been divided up between specialists for their respective fields (which is of course the right thing to do), but who takes technical responsibility for the product as a whole?

If you think of functions like sensing a physical value, who understands how it moves from physical reality, through the sensor, data transformations and filtering, transmissions over the network, until it reaches the user’s display? And how the different stages affect the value transported, in terms of e.g. latency, correctness, reaction to measurement errors, transient values and much more.

And who can coordinate the specialists’ work to make sure they’re working together, instead of against each other inadvertently.

This is the task of a systems engineer.

What can I do for you?

As a systems engineer, I can take that coordinating role.

If you’d like some advice or coaching on how to improve your product, rather than its individual pieces, I also offer a more distanced approach.

I can help you:

  • finding the issues that lurk between the lines, in the handovers from one speciality to the next
  • keeping track of their impact on product reliability
  • improving product robustness
  • understanding implications on safety and security
  • keeping track of system reaction to disturbances
  • shaping development processes that respect the complexity of your product
  • discovering product issues early
  • managing project risk

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