Technology is about Humans

Did you know: tech work isn’t about tech

🚀…it’s about humans.

No, really.

Katherine Porfilio refreshed this thought in my mind this morning with her latest post.

You know, I’m a mechanical engineer by training. I love technology. I find the smell of machine grease pleasant. Imagine my surprise when I realised that engineering isn’t actually about technology, it merely seems to be. I was actually retroactively a bit disappointed with my professors at university, who went to great lengths to make me good at maths – but spent pretty much not time making me good at working with humans.

Sure, engineers solve differential equations, or write C++ code, or make drawings. But – only after they’ve understood what they need to build. By communicating with other people: customers, managers, colleagues.

If that communication doesn’t happen successfully beforehand, there’s no chance the engineers will end up creating a successful product.

What’s your experience with the human side of technical work? I’d be excited if you replied and let me know.

(Photo by Sasan Saidi from FreeImages)

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