Is DevOps working for you?

Or does it feel difficult and confusing?

The technology works just fine, but your organisation and culture are lagging behind…

Hello! I’m Luca Ingianni.

I help engineering teams to introduce modern software development principles in their work.

Does this sound familiar?

What other CTOs find on their DevOps journey

I’ve had the opportunity to observe a lot of organisations on their DevOps journey. In order to systematically study the challenges DevOps leaders face, I embarked on a research project on DevOps adoption, to go beyond the knowledge I had gathered as a consultant. This is what CTOs, tech managers and other DevOps leaders told me. Does it sound familiar to you?

Source: My own survey among 300+ DevOps CTOs

Technology change is easy.

This is what many start out thinking: that DevOps is about technology – Jenkins or Kubernetes or Ansible or whaterver is the current hotness.

But tech is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tech change alone doesn’t get you very far. Because the real value lies in how we work – technology is just the facilitator.

Culture change is hard.

This was the almost unanimous opinion. Culture change is hard. Culture is also the thing that will make or break your DevOps adoption.

Shockingly high value.

While they were of course all expecting to derive value from DevOps, many were surprised by just how much they could gain.

The will to improve.

Many managers are surprised by how eager their engineers were to change for the better. Don’t squander this momentum!

Minefields made out of minefields.

The power of DevOps comes from its amazing interconnectedness – which means there’s a lot of opportunity to have unwanted effects. Finding the right path can be surprisingly hard, even if you know the goal.

Transform your IT organisation.

We’re not talking about a few percentage points. We’re talking about orders of magnitude! How would you like to speed your deployment up by 100x?

…even better: transform your entire product development.

Many executives are surprised by the magnitude of the change: sometimes IT organisations can change so profoundly that the rest of the organisation can’t keep up. You could become too good!

My Specialties

DevOps Training

For engineers or managers, about technology or culture: if it’s DevOps, I’ve got you covered!

DevOps Coaching

Need someone to bounce your thoughts off of, or to guide your team through a difficult transition: I’m here for you!

DevOps Consulting

Have a skill gap in your team? No time to waste? I can assist in bulding what you require!

Fabian Appel, DevOps Engineer

Fabian Appel, DevOps Engineer

Luca is a great trainer making the DevOps training worthwile and explaining topics in a very comprehensive way supported by good examples and leading valuable discussions within the training group.

(anonymous), DevOps Engineer

(anonymous), DevOps Engineer

Luca strikes me as a person who is genuinely intersted in DevOps. He is not selling you are producd but rather trying to show you what you can use in your company/team in order to be more productive.

GB, Enterprise Product Owner

GB, Enterprise Product Owner

Luca is an excellent trainer who try to keep the audience engaged with his unique style of training. He believes in more practical discussions rather than just rushing through the presentation unless necessary. With such practical approach, he keeps the audience engaged. He listen patiently to the queries & try to answer them appropriately without sugar coating. I like the honesty of accepting if he’s unsure of any answers

Do you want to level up as a DevOps leader?

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