DevOps was supposed to make things easy

So why does it feel so difficult and confusing?
Hello! I’m Luca Ingianni. I help engineering teams to introduce modern software development principles in their work.

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Your project is more than the sum of its parts -- but why are the parts veering in all directions?

I love to tinker with tech, but I love even more to work with people. I’m excited to help you pick a safe path through the complexities of human interaction, and the vast amount of engineering knowledge needed to bring your project to life.

Whether you need guidance on technical matters, help setting up your development process, debugging your product or even yourself, I’m here for you.

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My specialities

Team dynamics

Technology is about people, working together -- I know how to get information and work flowing within your organisation

Introducing automation

Speeding up your workflows by introducing modern development automation: give your team time to focus on what's important

navigating DevOps

DevOps can be a bewildering mix of tools, techniques, people and organisations. Done right, it offers tremendous power and speed. I can help you make sense of what you need, and when.

Training and coaching for engineers and managers

Ready to try something new? I can get your team up to speed to meet new challenges!

what I'm good at

Latest Blog Posts

[DDD] Test plans in DevOps
September 10, 2020
Traditionally, testing followed a test plan. A mighty document listing what would be tested, and by whom, and how. Recently I got asked: …
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[DDD] Explicit and implicit contracts
September 8, 2020
Recently I recorded a very interesting podcast episode with my old friend Adrian Ratnapala, who works as a site reliability engineer at …
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[DDD] Don't make success a negative
September 7, 2020
“Your reward is: no punishment.” Have you ever been in that situation? That the best you could hope for was not to be scolded? …
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[DDD] Other metaphors for technical debt
September 2, 2020
A while ago I witnessed an interesting conversation about alternatives to the term technical debt. I think it’s interesting to explore …
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