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Hello! I’m Luca Ingianni. I help teams of engineers to use DevOps principles in their work: truly understand all facets of their project, make their work fun, and shape rock-solid products their customers love.

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Your project is more than the sum of its parts -- but can you juggle them all?

Profit from a decade of experience consulting on embedded systems and the Internet of Things. I love to tinker with tech, but I love even more to work with people. I’m excited to help you pick a safe path through the complexities of human interaction, and the vast amount of engineering knowledge needed to bring an embedded project to life.

Whether you need guidance on technical matters, help setting up your development process, debugging your product or even yourself, I’m here for you.

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My specialities

Systems engineering

From initial feasibility studies, to system architecture, to running your project for you

Embedded systems, demystified

Going from pure software to embedded or IoT systems can be daunting. Let me guide you through this transformation

Embedded DevOps

Growing your team, with new techniques, new tools and a whole new outlook. Welcome to DevOps for IoT!

Training for engineers and managers

Ready to try something new? I can get your team up to speed to meet new challenges!

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Do you think deploying is expensive? Try not deploying!
July 8, 2019
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